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"Seeking Solutions & Solving Problems"


Buying a home can seem like an overwhelming process and is likely the most expensive and emotionally charged transaction of one's life. We are here to guide Clients along the path toward homeownership. Our office coordinates directly with the Client, Realtor and Lender to ensure a smooth, accurate and secure Closing experience.


There are multiple reasons for refinancing a home mortgage.  Lower interest rates, improved credit scores, desire for a shorter loan term or pulling cash out for home improvement projects are common.  Our office provides fast title turn-around and flexible scheduling to close transactions quickly enabling clients to achieve their goals in less time thus saving money.    


We provide title search services for Lenders in-house line of credit loans, Investors researching property or Seller's interested in ensuring that there are no outstanding defects on title that may delay or prevent a sale.  We are able to expeditiously provide accurate attorney abstracts on title.  

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